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Thank you

Our farm and all the trappings can only work because of the hands-on involvement of so many heads and hands of friends. In all areas suggestions are welcomed and made, proofreading and translation, homoeopathy for both man and animal, interior design, stimulants, carpentry, photography or simply on the go-about-something. This makes life here fulfilled. It is not just about the completion of tasks but the "how". A thousand thanks for your appreciation and we reward it with Latte Macchiatos and joie de vivre and the offer to be a somewhat different holiday farm, "quite normal and yet quite different".

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Lots of love and joy in our time together. Irmgard & Thomas

Our helpers

May 2015

Brief profiles of our hardworking volunteers Katharina Mur, Anna Rottensteiner, Martina Rassler and Anna Maria Prast.

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