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Yoga and Courses

Yoga & Riding

Just with a balance of body & soul you can perform horsemanship from which both you and your horse benefit. Yoga is the perfect way to get to know yourself better and to communicate with your horse in an honest way. Just if you are mentally and physically ready to be the leader in your group you can show your horse speed and direction without creating stress for your partner. 

  • yoga-lessons with qualified teachers in the yoga room on the farm
  • small, individual groups (maximum 8 persons)
  • riding lessons individually or in groups as required

The Yoga&Riding workshops take place at defined dates.
you can find the latest announcement.


Multi-day courses on our farm or in your own stables. All topics related to Horse & Rider systematically edited in small groups or individually. How does my horse understand me at all? Basics, young horses, lessons, correction, Psychology, loading. Also refresh the theoretical knowledge and have it checked. Completely new paths with yoga or music and benefit from new experiences while riding.


  • Courses of various topics
  • Weekly riding courses, basic and advanced
  • Exam preparation VFS / VFD

Here you can download the current announcement of the "Feldenkrais" workshop.