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Riding lessons and ground work

Riding lessons

Fun and relaxed riding for the rider as well as for the horse. Not simply being carried. Proper timing and soft aids are in the foreground. A learning from and teaching to each other, a refinement of the communication. At the same time training and caring for the horse's health. Applying consistency and leadershipskills without depriving the horse of its natural freedom. Different ways of working make an animated lesson: Ground work, collar riding, riding with music, bareback riding with various equipment for light riding, leisure riding, classical riding and Western riding.


  • For beginners and advanced of all ages
  • School horses of different breeds
  • Internships for all VFD / VDS training
  • Weekly courses for beginners or advanced (6 days, 2 hours/day, with supervision) with theory and practice, teaching material in the farm library
  • Exam preparation VFS and VFD


Furthermore we discover together the beauty of nature. In nice groups with professional guidance. So you come to rest and to yourself. 

  • Hacks
  • Nature Trail
  • Trekking in the Sarntal Alps (2 days)

Ground work

Work on the ground is body language at eye level. Man looks his horse in the eye and deficits are soon discovered. Neglecting the basics renders the handling of the horse tiring if not even dangerous. Movement in any direction and quiet standing should therefore become routine. The "dance" with the four-legged friend is than the top - the freestyle. Safety, refinement and head position are necessary.


  • Courses on all topics
  • Horsemanship, free dressage and - jump
  • Double lunge
  • Hoof care & keeping in open stable