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Riding in Winter

Horses in snow have a very special appeal, if all conditions are right.

The cross-country riding through snowy landscape is suitable for pleasure riders, who have already chosen horseback riding as their pastime.

Requirements for the rider:

  • The rider should certainly be familiar with the aids for the horse.
  • Forward, backward, sideways and stopping are basic requirements to cope at all time with the ever-changing terrain.
  • Master all three gaits; diligent walk, trot and slow canter.
  • Water-resistant, comfortable and of course warm clothes. Often skiing wear in combination with trekking shoes is best. Helmets are provided.

Requirements for the horses:

  • Balanced, surefooted horses having no troubles with ever changing soil conditions.
  • Horses must be fit, since even a short hack of only an hour, needs strength carrying a rider through the snow.
  • Good saddle material to ensure safety even when saddles become soaked.
  • Horses must not shy meeting snowmobiles or skiers, because these are part to our environment.

Requirements for your guidance of trails:

  • Building bridges for horse and rider to ensure a fine understanding
  • Know your animals well in order to allocate the guests accordingly.
  • Training should be a proof of competence for the joy of working with people and animals


If all above is checked OK than you are cleared for most beautiful rides in the snow.

Destinations on the Renon high plateau:

  • Lodenmoor with firm forest roads which are prepared as a winter walking trails. Here a gallop with no limits in the snow is possible.
  • Ant Round” only feasible if we ride this snow-covered winter forest often preparing our own track. The riding route takes its name from the numerous anthills in the summer.
  • Forest round to Rosswagen, a romantic riding round through snowy trees where the world stands still.
  • From Gissman to the Roaner Inn, a small hamlet is the goal of this ride, with a stop in the warm room with a glass of mulled wine.


... we are looking forward to a snowy winter, to much fun in powder snow!