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Flyers, price lists, offers for download

On this page you can download our current flyer, information sheets, price lists and offers.
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Current price list

Here you can download the current price list. We recommend to register much in advance, thus we can guarantee individual lesson.
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Farm-Flyer Summer

Here you can download Farm-Flyer for the summer months.
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Farm-Flyer Winter

Here you can download Farm-Flyer for the winter months.
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Insight into our philosophy.
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Here you can download current announcements.

Workshop Yoga&Riding
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Course "Feldenkrais"
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Riding in Winter

Report in the magazine "Mein Pferd": Enjoy the white splendor.
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Health tips from Irmgard

Report in the magazine "Gesund&Fit": Health tips from Irmgard.
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