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Our horses


(* 2014)

Rasmus, a fjord-gelding, has come a long way from the Fjordpferde Klosterhof in northern Germany. He is performing with such poise that you would have thought that he was already a riding pony in his former life. Rasmus is always attentive and performs best with a steady and delicate hand. Fully at peace with himself, he is a master of his trade.


(* 2005)

Samira is a pure Connemara mare, one of the breeds that we are so enthusiastic about.These horses are rideable, sensitive, easy to jump and sure-footed in the terrain, although their affection has to be earned. She has a solid physique and can carry a rider's weight of up to 80 kg. She particularly enjoys ground-work and also working in classic dressage, where her temperament can be best stimulated.


(* 1999)

Tilda loves to complete her work at a more sedate pace. Her mottled color makes the mare a Pinto, her build is that of a Norwegian. She serves best nervous riders, appreciate the least stress. Tilda is also very accomplished at vaulting and pulling our little easy gig trailer. Because of her age, she is only used for lightweights. Those who can ride her have a fun pony under their seat, while less experienced riders simply don't manage to get her going - a wonderful teaching horse.


(* 2001)

Senator takes his name rightly. He is one of the oldest ponies in the herd (Shetland-Icelandic Mix).  He always raises dust wherever he goes, grinning through his overbite into the world. He is a challenge for lightweights and once the pair has bonded, he becomes their favorite horse. Senator has already inspired the desire to learn to ride in many a trial lesson student. Children's riding lessons, jumping, double lounge, circus lessons, ground-work - Senator is always fun!



His owner Sabine and Shadow found each other again after many years and he now has a home at our stables. Shadow is a great and lovely Appaloosa. Everybody likes him. He was our herd leader - he did that wonderfully, too, until the young Fjord horses came and contested his place. Sabine supports our way of horsemanship and so he is sometimes available for light-weighted riding students.


(* 2008)

Gwen is Anna-Maria’s horse. Although opinionated she is the perfect Haflinger. Pulling is her favorite pastime and proof that she is a real Haflinger all-rounder. She is used for rides and riding lessons by us. Gwen has also been ridden side-saddle by Anna Maria and the two practice diligently in classical dressage. Both are indispensable to our Flachenhof world.


(* 2009)
Dista is owned by Cosima. She is an Icelandic horse with a strong forward drive. Anyone who rides her must be able to think ahead and be conscious of his instructions, to archieve a harmonious riding. In the herd she is a little drama queen. She needed a lot of time to settle in and developing a stress-free relationship with people was initially unthinkable for her. Cosima and her are a wonderful team.


(* 2019)
The funny and smart Dyri is Dantes brother. They were at the same time on Inka Steemans stallion pasture, both come from the North Sea. Dyri likes to be at the center of attention and if things get too exciting he hides behind the others again. We will start weighting the two young Fjord geldings when they are five years old. Saddle tests and weight on the back is no problem for them.


(* 2019)
Dante is a very nice, well-grounded Norwegian horse. He and his brother Dyri, the two young geldings, spent the summer of 2022 on the big pastures of our mountain to get to know our environment. We are looking forward to see how both behave in riding, maybe they would also walk well together in the carriage.


(* 2018)
Beethoven is Julias pony mule. He is very special one of its kind and much too VALUABLE to become mule sausage! Beethoven was actually supposed to go to the butcher. But whoever sees this young pony mule succumbs to his cheeky charms. At his young age, his career is still open to him. Let's see if he finds himself in a mule walking, pulling, circus lessons or even horseback riding. One thing is sure, he has ambitions and won't be a petting zoo mule any longer. That said he still enjoys cuddle time.


(* 2015)

Handsome, but challenging. With his noble appearance and his lively demeanor, he does his Arabian race justice. He is actually the only horse at Flachenhof that has applied to become a team member. And who could resist an application  from a horse including a CV and a motivation letter. Not Julia. Aris has been part of the Flachenhof crew since 2023 and is - better late than never- in the middle of his training.