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Our horses


(* 2014)
The fjord-gelding travelled a long way from the Fjordpferde Klosterhof and is our sweetheart. The even-tempered junior is doing his basic riding work so well, that you could assume he was already a riding pony in his former life. So interested and resting in himself he loves to perform his work equally to his "tall" colleagues. You could call him "Yogi Pony" :-)

Vulkan ("Volcano")

(* 2010)
Volcano has been born and been brought into ridding on the farm. He is now a handsome grey gelding. He is the preferred riding pony to many children and lightweight adults. He's a smart guy and claimes the attention of his rider. He has the special icelandic gait, the "Tölt".


(* 2008)
Gwen is the horse of our assistant Anna-Maria. The picture perfect Haflinger mare has her own mind when it comes to riding. Tugging is her pleasure and proofs that a real Haflinger is an all-rounder. She is used for rides and riding lessons.


(* 2005)
Samira is a senior grey mare with long hair of dark colour. She sometimes puts the commands into dispute. In her education as schooling horse she sometimes shows her fearful nature. But if guided patiently and with confidence she trusts the rider and will follow him through thick and thin.


(* 2004)
Pauline can be distinguished from their full sister Samira almost only by her character. She is the sweeter of the two. She's just a pot of gold, everyone enjoys her friendly character. Her training as schooling horse made her cooperative at all time and she loves to take on new tasks. 


(* 2001)
Senator takes his name rightly. He is the smallest pony in the herd, always raises dust wherever he goes, grinning through his malocclusion into the world. He is a challenge for lightweights a challenge, but once the two made up with each other, he becomes their favourite horse.


(* 1999)
Tilda loves to complete their work in quiet pace. Her mottled colour makes the mare a Pinto, her build is that of a Norwegian. She serves best timid riders, who need no stress. 


Sabine and Shadow found each other again after many years and now he can play the boss in our herd. Shadow is a great and lovely Appaloosa geldind and is liked by everybody. Sabine supports our way of horsemanship and so he is sometimes available for riding lessons or trail rides.

the life of a horse


Tarina was a petite grey Arabian mare, which was born on our farm. 
She was part of the Flachenhof for 21 years, we will miss her a lot!

Bibi & Nora

Bibi (1978-2014)
The white New Forest mare Bibi was probably the bedrock at the farm. She was my first pony, with her I rode from Germany to the Flachenhof. She enjoyed for quite some years her pension and loved it when children cuddled and cleaned her. While taking her for a walk it was necessary to give very clear commands; otherwise it was her who took the kids for a walk and not vice versa, a real Boss. 

Nora (1987-2013)
Bibis best friend was Nora, one of the last "red" Haflinger mares of her kind. She had a sturdy frame and was always up for something, for example vaulting, harvesting potatoes, pulling a carriage or circus exercises. She was steady and very patient with her students.