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Horse Training and Horse Breeds

Horse Training

Learning to trust at a basic level. Or learn confidence from scratch. Timing, consistency, security as well as patience and serenity are the most important things to master something new or to forget old patterns. This ranges from basic training and muscle building in the mountains, to learning new lessons and motivation and finally to the correction of so-called "problem horses". Attention which our horses deserve.


  • Getting young horses into riding
  • Gymnastic and training
  • Correction

Horse breeds

The different characters, styles and gaits of horses make training and horses time exciting and educational. Here inspire especially the Nordic ponies: Connemara, Icelanders Fjord horses and Shettymix. They get in winter the necessary fur to cope well in an open stable and in the mountains. The breed varies, but never our attitude to a horses life: "stay healthy with pleasure at work and grow old!" 


  • Racial diversity offers advantages
  • All races welcome