Trekking and Courses


Discovering together the beauty of nature. Being one with the horse and on the move the whole daylong. Trusting your quadruped friend who finds its way deliberate and surefooted. Or give free rein to the joie de vivre in rapid gallop. Roam like our ancestors. In nice groups with professional guidance. So you come to rest and to yourself.


  • Hacks
  • Nature Trail
  • Training cross-country riding guide
  • Trekking to Lake Garda (5-days)
  • Trekking in the Tuscany (7 days)
  • Trekking in the Sarntal Alps (2 days)


 » Trekking-Video (German; the Player will appear at the top of the page)


Multi-day courses on our farm or in your own stables. All topics related to Horse & Rider systematically edited in small groups or individually. How does my horse understand me at all? Basics, young horses, lessons, correction, Psychology, loading. Also refresh the theoretical knowledge and have it checked. Completely new paths with yoga or music and benefit from new experiences while riding.


  • Courses of various topics
  • Weekly riding courses, basic and advanced
  • Exam preparation VFS / VFD

Trekking Video:

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